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October 2006 Newsletter
Tour of Normandy
Birthday Rides
Semaine Federale 2006
Esk Dale - Mountain Biking
Gerry's 50th
First Aid
Looking ahead
Final Word

April 2006 Newsletter
Additions to the events list
Slaidburn 2006
Majorca 2006
Wednesday Nighters are GO!
Final Word

January 2006 Newsletter
Social Events Calendar For 2006
Final Word


York CTC Social Section Newsletter – October 2006

I hope you have all had a great summer’s cycling and enjoyed the various events and tours.

For the Social Section our first tour of the summer began with a trip to Brittany & Normandy, once again ably organised by John Savin. The accommodation was generally above average, staying in a grand Chateau on one occasion, this made up for the slightly less inspiring cycling. However we did get to visit many of the D-Day landing beaches, Arromanches and Bayeux, so with generally good weather it was a leisurely, enjoyable tour. 

Diner a lá Chateau
Diner a lá Chateau

Memorial Tank near Utah Beach
Memorial Tank near Utah Beach

Mont Saint Michelle
Mont Saint Michelle

Several of us attended the CTC Birthday Rides, based in Dumfries. I think we would all highly recommend the area for road and mountain biking, the 7Stanes being easily accessible. With a good range of rides most joined the B rides with a steady mileage and plenty of time to stop and absorb the cultural and historical attractions of the area. These ranged from modest castle ruins at Lochmaben to the impressive Caeraverlock Castle, complete with moat and Trebouché, to Henry Moore sculptures. We even had time to play on the swings!!

Hutton Hall - Play Area
Hutton Hall - Play Area

Caeraverlock Castle
Caeraverlock Castle

The weather was pretty good for Scotland and seemed to wait until we were home before the stair-rods descended, making us feel very smug when we thought of all those under canvas on the campsite.
The accommodation provided by the Dalswinton Estate was ideal and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of basing themselves in that area.

Cycle Museum - Drumlanrig Castle
Cycle Museum - Drumlanrig Castle

Loch Urr - Craigenvey Moor
Loch Urr - Craigenvey Moor

Semaine Federale 2006 Chateauroux

It was either McEwans, midges and watch the rain fall in Dumfriesshire at the birthday rides, or seize cent soixante quatre alfresco at Chateauroux France in the department of Indere’ for the 67th Semaine Federale in 80 deg – the choice was difficult but reached in 20 seconds. For those unfamiliar with this event, suffice to say it’s where 15000 cyclists descend in a different area of the country each year to ride well organised and premarked routes to suit every ability. Food and drink (1664) everywhere with entertainment laid on each day including a large trade show trying to sell you a 6-Kg carbon fibre wonder. On certain days you feel you have unknowingly died and gone to heaven!

Stoker Lydia and myself drove down to the event avoiding Paris whilst Gerry, little John and “friend” Gordon took their chance on the bike bus dropping off in Tours on the Loire to spend a few extra days getting to the venue. Poor John had to grudgingly share a double bed on their first night with Gerry after tossing a very heavily biased coin with Gordon (Coin supplied by Mr Boswell) and became yet another unsuspecting and unfortunate victim of Gerry’s evil clutches! John is currently convalescing at home quietly.

We all met up eventually in Chateauroux registration area and forwarded onto an excellent campsite in the park grounds of the town’s biblioteche situated near the abbey – beer, food and showers on tap. Sorted!

Rolling wooded countryside interspersed with Chateaux and plenty of food, Kronebourg, photo and whatever stops- usually after the beer stops was a recipe for great rides. The scenery got better and hillier as the week progressed ranging from 50 – 200k but found 100-120k was enough each day for a weeks riding. All had a great time but the week went too fast and finished French style with a farewell pogging meal + wine and loud foreign singing.

Gerry, John and Gordon retraced back along the Loire to Tours for the bus. We drove to Arras in Piccardy to do a cultural thing I had sorted and ride a few days around the sights of the Somme memorials and battle sites to break up the journey home.

Anyone interested in the Semaine 2007 can find a registration form on the net. Should be a good one based at Pegignord in the Dordogne. But, be warned the Frenchies still cannot make a descent cup of tea!

Dave F.

Semaine Federale - 1st Photo

Semaine Federale - 2nd Photo

Semaine Federale - 3rd Photo

Semaine Federale - 4th Photo

Semaine Federale - 5th Photo

Esk Dale September 2006. 

Esk Dale and the village of Boot were created mainly for the short lived quarrying there, whilst Ravenglass was in Roman times, second only to Chester in importance as a port. 
A mixed party of 13 stayed at Boot. Although the house had full central heating, the temptation to light the open fire in the lounge was too great for Peter A and it was his first job on arriving back after the rides. It was however a welcome sight to see smoke curling from the chimney on the one wet afternoon we had.
The party split mainly into three groups each day, with one on road, one off road and one family. 
The on road rides included HardKnott and Wrynose, which were ridden in both directions and again from the middle of the two just for good measure. The only other real alternative was via the fell road over to Ulpha, which was not much less challenging.
The off road party spent more time carrying the bikes than cycling, as the Bridleways were very inhospitable. Out of 7 high level ones that were planned, one had no trace; five were un-rideable, leaving just one that was what we hoped for. Even this had its moment of pulse rising, when we encountered a rather large bull and his harem, blocking the exit gate so we clambered over a rather high stonewall. 
There were a few enjoyable bridleways that followed the valley to the sea and the inclusion of two crossings of the estuary made for an obvious choice. However the first crossing shown had warning markers. After a few attempts at carrying bikes across the mud and thigh high water the attempt was abandoned. The second place was more user-friendly despite the water still came up to the knees on Brett. The 3 others saw the possibility of using a disused (well rarely used) railway bridge for a quick sprint to the other side, whilst keeping dry. 
On the Tuesday the party joined together for a 7 mile walk to Ravenglass, with the youngest member (aged 0) enjoying the luxury of sherpas Peter A and Peter G.
After a stop at the railway café there, the party returned on the railway with one member enjoying the ride on the footplate. No guessing who it was, but thanks PA for making it possible. 
7 superb dining experiences prepared by EleDa catering, made for enjoyable evenings that stretched from quite early to bed time. 
We all brought back memories of a forgotten corner of the Lake District.

Peter G.


Ravenglass Railway
Ravenglass Railway

Tandem - Birker Fell
Tandem - Birker Fell

Gerry's 50th - Newspaper Clipping
Clipping From "York Press"

Onto a few word of warning from Jacque Green –

First Aid for Cyclists. 
We all know of people who continue to cycle with chronic diseases such as angina, and hypertension. Why shouldn't they? Cycling is an excellent way to keep fit but the more uncontrolled the chronic disease, the more likely one is to have an accident. 
Cycle groups tend to meet on a Sunday, often after a 'good' Saturday night. It's not rocket science to realise that if our liver has spent the majority of the night detoxing our body then it hasn't been doing it's other jobs, like cleaning our blood and maintaining our carb levels, causing us to 'suffer' the next day. When we 'suffer' we tend to take chances. Taking chances increases our risk of an accident. 
Then there's the other road users who have uncontrolled conditions or are 'suffering.' Now you start to get the picture of the risk of an accident. In fact, most of us have had an accident at some time. 
It's time to look at Accidents. An accident is; an undesirable or unfortunate happening that occurs unintentionally and usually results in harm, injury, damage, or loss. 
Yeh we know that. We also know that we are going to continue with our risky behaviour so I guess the next best think is to learn what to do after an accident has happened. That's first aid. 

Happy cycling 

Looking ahead
I know we are still on British Summer time, but I’m afraid now’s the time to start thinking about the dreaded ‘C’ word and our ride out lunch on 17th December. Thought we’d go for a change of venue this year and on Mr. Smith’s recommendation, try the St. Vincent Arms at Sutton-on-Derwent. I have placed a booking for 15 people. So please let me know by 3rd December if you’d like to join us.

As yet no plans have been laid for weekends away next year. However, we will need to be quick off the mark if we intent to book Youth Hostels, especially on Bank Holidays. So, please forward any suggestions. We will be planning a weekend stay at the new Whitby YH when it eventually opens.

Look out for new events being organised by section members, i.e Brett’s 100 & 150k in mid February 2007. These rides will start from Dringhouses.

Majorca March 2007
Monday 19th March for 7 or 14 nights
Manchester 07.05 (appears to be only airport that day)
Hotel Daina Puerto Pollensa
Half Board
Cost £305 for 7 nights
£464 for 14
If you are interested can you let Peter G know and send him £130 deposit.

Plans for September 2007
Next year will see something "entirely different" with no mountains to be climbed, unless Norfolk imports some in the meantime. North West Norfolk is an area that is rarely on our holiday list, but this will be rectified on September 14th 2007, when we take over a part of West wing of Sedgeford Hall. Sedgeford Hall is some 4 miles South East of Hunstanton with the Peddars Way passing the doorstep. With a back garden of 6 acres and shared use of an indoor swimming pool, it promises a lot. Numerous quiet roads and cafes in all towns and coastal resorts should make for an ideal late Autumn break.

York Section AGM
8.45pm, Thursday 26th October 2006
Minster Inn, Marygate.

Safe cycling.


York CTC Social Section Newsletter - April 2006

I hope you have all had a Happy Easter and are now looking forward to the summer rides and events stretching ahead of us.

On a serious note to begin with, many of you will be aware for the death of a local cyclist on Garrowby. The reason for mentioning this in the newsletter is to advise people, if riding alone, to carry some form of identification and an emergency contact number with them. It took the Police sometime to identify the casualty after the incident happened. 

On a lighter note, some good news sent in by Mike Fielding. NYCC are upgrading the footpath between Rillington & Yedingham lane end, alongside the A64, to a cycle-path. The section, which is finished, is of very smooth tarmac, with ramps at the end to road level. In fact the cycle-path continues beyond the Yedingham junction, but we don't yet know how far it will go. Eventually it will be possible to cycle from just outside Norton to Yedingham lane end without riding on the A64 itself. This will be extremely useful to us & hopefully also to other members.

Whilst we were still in what felt like the deep depths of winter and battling against blizzards on the Wolds PG Tours were on their 20th annual pilgrimage to Majorca. 
Read Pete’s report at the end of the news.

Fancying an evening ride now that the nights are beginning to draw out and including some refreshment on the way? 
Read John McCloy’s report on the Wednesday Evening jaunts and see if you fancy joining them. (After Pete’s Majorca report)

With April came the first Audax event of the year, Gerry’s Spring 100K from Wigginton. Here’s Gerry’s report.
“ What I hoped were enough cards had been ordered and received, so a few sneaky trips to the office computer and printer and I had route sheets and entry forms for the event (thanks BT!). Entries had been coming in over a month before the event. All I needed was some decent spring weather, some hope! On the day of the event it was dry but windy to start, but unfortunately didn’t stay that way and everyone returned rather damp! All booked entries turned up, which was a first. Lots of people entered on the line meaning 55 set off for a very enjoyable ride despite the mixed weather. As soon as we all left Mike went home to ask Anne to bake some more cakes, as there were so many entries. Many thanks to Mike and Anne for all their efforts and to all the other helpers.”
Also see Martin Weeks report on the DA website.

A plug from Keith for the next event on Saturday 13th May – the Brimham Rocks 100K and if anyone is interested the 300k on the same day. The 300 course is quite gentle, ideal for a first attempt at the distance.

Update on the Café List. It now holds details for 315 establishments and has the top slot up when you type café list into Google UK. So if you’re passing or using a café it’s worthwhile checking the opening times etc. and passing them back to Andy so the list can be kept upto date. Thanks Andy.

Additions to the events list:-

The Great Yorkshire Bike Ride on Saturday 17th June 2006.
Wetherby to Filey.
See www.gybr.co.uk for an entry form. 
Dave & Lydia have entered and will be staying over in Filey before riding back on the Sunday if anyone would like to join them.

Morecambe Bay
For the second year running, another chance to do the guided walk across Morecambe Bay.
Saturday 1st July - Cycle to Arnside (or make your own way) 
Sunday 2nd - Walk across Morecambe Bay or run the half marathon across 
Monday 3rd - Cycle home 
Contact Peter Gray if interested.

Dumfries & Galloway CTC Birthday Rides - 29th July to 5th August.
One place remaining in the self-catering accommodation on the Dalswinton Estate (5-6 miles from the HQ). All twin rooms, secure cycle storage, all linen provided, all we need to take is food & drink. If you’d like to join us please let me have a £25 deposit.

Tour de France in the UK
Looking even further ahead - July 2007 and we see the Tour de France in the UK. Anyone interested in going down to London to watch the stage should contact Peter Gray. Probably a good idea to book early to avoid disappointment.

Slaidburn 2006 (Easter Weekend)

First climb of the day.
First Climb of the Day

Sunday Walk - Lunch stop at Dunsop Bridge
Sunday Walk - Lunch stop at Dunsop Bridge

The Easter weekend saw the majority of the Social Section joining Dave & Lydia at the Youth Hostel in Slaidburn. We were also joined by Mark Waters of the CTC’s Touring Dept. along with others from Hull, Portsmouth & London. We totalled 15 in all. Despite an energy sapping headwind all the way over from York, we just managed to muster sufficient reserves for rides over the Tatham Fells and across the Trough of Bowland to Lancaster. Our pins were more than happy to go for a stroll on Easter Sunday, just a leisurely 15 miles, during which time Gerry lost his soul in a peat bog…!!! Oops, that should be sole. Time for a new pair, Gerry. I think you’ve had you’re money’s worth out of that pair! How old…??

It's all Rideable! (1)
It's all Rideable!

It's all Rideable! (2)
It's all Rideable! (3)

Sunday Walk
Sunday Walk

I think we can all recommend the local hostelry, the Hark to Bounty, the Steak pie especially getting the thumbs up from all who sampled.
Luckily the wind stayed in the west for a brisk ride back to York on the Monday. 
A big thank you to Dave & Lydia for organising another successful trip. Just one request, please could you arrange to have the fan turned off next time?!

Majorca 2006

The 20th PG Tour to Mallorca had very much reduced numbers this year. Why this should be is open to speculation and the following are thoughts:
Folks are getting older and no longer cycling.
The price has gone up far more than inflation over the past 5 years.
Folks want to explore new places.
The choice of venues on the island is now down to two, so rides tend to become familiar.
Some folks have bought properties on the island.
Whatever the reason(s) 17 met up at the Hotel Alicia in Cala Bona on a sunny March 10th, only to be told that the hotel was not expecting them, and had no rooms reserved.
Mainly a paper hiccup, as we had been transferred from the Cala Bona Hotel at short notice after promenade works took longer than planned and would not open until after the end of our holiday.
Timely intervention of our "rep" soon sorted the paperwork out and we were promised rooms within the next 3 hours. This too, proved optimistic as it was well after 4pm before we could unpack. In the meantime Johannes from VeloSportMallorca turned up as arranged and delivered the bikes we had been looking forward to hiring. One or two were not exact fit, as this is the firms busiest time of the year and they could not supply the exact size requested for everyone. This was but a small point as they were all were top class machines and easy to ride. The miles being kilometres spend by so much more quickly and far easier than at home.
A very short ride to the Max Hurzeler Boutique in Sa Coma late that afternoon, sorted out the riding positions on the new bikes and enabled a few more items of cycling clothing to be bought.
The first day is normally to San Salvador and this was taken as read and the lack of granny gears on the bikes did not provide the drawback some us feared. The main market for the hire bikes is the German cyclist, who wants the latest set of gears. Having 10 speed blocks was a first for us all, but only a double chainring did not make it any harder to climb the hills. 
Sunday saw half the party zing along the road from Arta to Alcudia and onto Pollensa for lunch. The plan was to come back fairly direct but after the Tour Director was seen heading towards Lluc, the rest changed their minds and followed an hour later. They had ordered the set lunch while PG made do with a banana and Mars Bar. Some things never change. It was a fairly tired party that claimed 98 miles that day, and apart from two doing a 200k Permanent Audax later, proved to be biggest daily mileage of the week. How times have changed from when I first started going to Majorca, when if we did not get a ton in everyday, we thought that we had been short changed. Now, not only far less miles, but folks even have rest days. I suppose that we justify this to ourselves that we get quality miles now rather than quantity.
The idea of sitting down to a locals lunch has far more appeal than it ever did in the past when we made pack ups at the breakfast table and smuggled out.
VeloSportMallorca proved to be far more in tune with our needs than our last supplier and when one member slit a tyre, a visit to their shop in Felanitx had a replacement tyre and tube done in 5 minutes with a smile and without charge. On another occasion when one of the party had a moments lack of concentration and two of them hit the ground, Hannes arrived early next day to repair the damage and return the bikes the same evening. He had to make 50 mile round trip twice and only made a minimal charge for the repair and petrol.
The week ended all too soon with most folks getting a top up tan and a few hundred miles in their legs.

Wednesday Nighters are GO!

For the cooler winter nights in February we take a winter warm-up with a Curry supper. To make the most of the time for the meal, we do a short route out along the riverbank and the racecourse cycle path to Askham Bar and directly to the Auhasd restaurant at Copmanthorpe for a splendid meal from their varied menu. The restaurant is unlicensed, so it is not unusual to see customers arrive with a bottle in hand, especially as there is an off licence shop close by. A soft tyre was detected on the way home, but there was enough pressure to ensure a safe journey to the Park & Ride car park!

Yet another Sam Smith’s pub, the Tankard at Rufforth allows a pleasant short ride out of the city for a pint (or two) of the Old Brewery Bitter; excellent form as usual and a welcome open fire and company as well. As we went out through the country lanes from Poppleton it was a quick return along the main road afterwards.

The White Swan at Deighton must be one of the busiest pubs along the A19. Run by CAMRA members ?????? They have maintained the reputation for the restaurant and now it is a non smoking pub. A choice of Bank’s Bitter, Mansfield Bitter, (getting rarer!) Marston Pedigree or Red Brick Double Barrel. The return, an easy ride through Naburn on a some what dismal night mad for an early finish.

It was a frosty night for the ride scheduled to Shipton by Beningbrough, and as anticipated there were no takers, so I took the opportunity to combine a ride out of York with the delivery of the latest edition of Ouse Boozer. First stop was the Blacksmith’s Arms at Naburn, long enough without a stop when the temperature was below freezing, even though the wind had dropped. Bank’s Bitter & Marston Pedigree on offer here and a pleasant chat with local a fellow cyclist. On to Deighton I chose to go to Escrick first and the decision was well rewarded by the choice from Theakston Bitter, John Smiths, or, my choice, Eastwood& Sanders, Beyond the Pale, just the thing, if not a bit pricey for a cold night, on then to the Swan at Deighton had the same choice of Bank’s Bitter, Mansfield Bitter, (getting rarer!) Marston Pedigree or Red Brick Double Barrel, can anyone deny that Wolverhampton & Dudley have not introduced the chance of variety? A quick dash back up the cycle track to Fulford and a refreshing half of Hyde’s HPA (that’s Highly Prestigious Ale to you and me!) at the Saddle, yet another W. & D. outlet!

It was still cold for the ride out to the Buck Inn at Appleton Roebuck, so the warm welcome was added to by the traditional Sam Smith pub open fire, and the Old Brewery Bitter. We chose to go through Copmanthorpe on the outward journey, favoured by a tail wind, so felt the difference from the “Siberian” blast on our return through Acaster Malbis and Bishopthorpe, avoiding the flooded road as best we could and it was a relief to get back early into York.

At last we were able to set off in daylight as summer time had been introduced the Sunday before the ride to the Sun at Long Marston, yet another Sam Smith pub. The daylight had brought out one or two extra riders and a lively conversation over the Old Brewery bitter was welcome change and also to have companions on the ride back through Askham Richard, where two fell by the wayside at the Rose & Crown!

I always feel that the official start to summer is the ride to the Cross Keys at Stillingfleet. An excellent sunset set the scene and the warning of a cooler evening to follow was heartened by the Sam Smith Old Brewery Bitter. It was a pleasant ride along the cycle track from Bishopthorpe and the light had almost gone by the time we arrived. One of our members, not a beer convert had a pleasant pint of Sam Smith’s new “Naturally Brewed” Lager at 5%. The sky had clouded over and there was a hint of it becoming warmer when we made our return through Naburn, so perhaps summer is on its way! 

Now that the evenings are lighter the rides are extending, but still only for a couple of hours or so on Wednesday evening. Why not join the CTC group meeting 7pm at Leeman Road Gardens. Details of the destinations are also published in the Evening Press each week.

Hope you all enjoy a happy and safe summer’s cycling.


York CTC Social Section Newsletter. - January 2006

The aim will be circulate three times a year to help keep everyone in touch with our activities. If you have any news items or suggestions for new routes/ destinations/ cafes/ weekends away etc that you’d like to share, please let me know and I can include details in the next circulation.

So before giving particulars of events/rides that are already on the calendar for 2006, let’s have a recap of 2005. The Social Section has continued to enjoy a good turnout throughout 2005. With numbers regularly in the teens over summer although no new members have joined us this last year. The Inters have had a moderate year with a few new riders joining them. Bill Baker continues to be the mainstay although he is threatening not to lead the 8am starts – watch this space for further details.
Reflecting on all the events we have taken part in, when all pulled together it’s a pretty impressive list of activities that I’m sure many a club would be envious of. We are luck to have amongst us such willing and competent organisers.

The 2005 locally organised Audax events proved very popular with Gerry’s two 100k events attracting a total of 66 riders, the Easingwold series managed 69 but the highest number was the Wiggy 300/100 event with 82 riders.
A big pat on the back for Brett Hill who completed the LEL, well done Brett! To read more about Brett’s build up to the LEL and his experience of the event see his article at the end of the Newsletter.

For many of us the thought of a certain sun kissed Mediterranean island keeps us going through the deep, dark months post Christmas and for 2005 it was to be the resort of Palma Nova, Majorca. Disappointingly without our illustrious leader this time round. We had to survive without PG and thanks to Brett, who willingly filled Pete’s shoes, all went smoothly and a good time was had by all. However, I don’t expect we will be patronising Herr Rompelberg’s establishment in the future!

So we were all set up for a cycling packed year. After Easter in the Lakes, based at Cockermouth, it was on to plenty of weekends way including Whitby, Kirkby Stephen, Spurn Point and Arnside, where a walk across the infamous Morecambe Bay Sands was included. 18 of us set out and thankfully 18 returned!

Midsummer saw groups on tours in Normandy and the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland where the weather was exceptional for both tours. The French trip was a great success with ample cultural and gastronomic delights as well as quiet rural lanes ideal for cycling. Our thanks go to John Savin (mate of PG’s) for organising this tour and for agreeing to organise another for 2006.
Dave’s Irish trip was another success. We know Dave’s good but how did he manage to arrange the sun to shine on us all week?? With time in Dublin to sample the night life and plenty of leisurely riding through quite picturesque countryside and over moorland and mountain passes, there was no excuse for not partaking of the local beverage. And it’s not true, it doesn’t always rain in Ireland. It must have been one of the driest July’s on record. How disappointed were we not to see any Irish rain….?? Not!

More weekends away including Dent, Whitby again and also a group tackling the Dales Three Peaks, I hasten to add walking not cycling!

Into the last quarter of the year, but still plenty going on with two PG Tours trips to enjoy. Here are Pete’s reflections on his tours and the Tockwith Service: 

“September was the MTB week in Wales, based just 3 miles from Llanrwst, which is not far, but at 850 feet above the town, it presented quite a challenge to the end of any (all) rides. There was a choice of 3 roads, hard, harder and hardest. The only easy way was when we had a car assist for a cycle and train ride on the Great Little Trains of Wales, well two of them. It was a superb farmhouse that had been extended with extensive views of the Conway Valley and the Snowden mountain range. With the setting sun it was very picturesque and inviting. In the morning with the sun catching the tops, it looked, well challenging. Although originally these weeks were started with the main aim of Mountain Biking, more punters are taking their road bikes with them and using tarmac surfaces for great days out. There was a wealth of minor roads to choose from and unlimited hills to climb. There was (in theory) several footpaths, although in practice, those outside of the National Park had "lost" their finger posts.

The highlight for those with Mountain Bikes was the climbing and descent of Snowden. The only proper mountain in Britain that has bridleways in all directions. Although it was a struggle to carry the bike the last mile from the Miners track to the Pyg, it was worth the effort for a fast effortless descent some 30 minutes later.
Early November saw 8 in Majorca at the cyclist friendly Cala Bona Hotel. Although it did rain on part of 3 days, it never stopped us going out every day and riding in shorts all the time. The usual rides to San Salvador, Randa and Alcudia were all made, but no big mileages, as it was billed as a "Wind down" trip. Even the bike shop at Manacor did not get its usual visit. Probably to do with the price of equipment as much as anything. Hannes from Velo Sport supplied first class machine and when John suffered a broken derailleur one afternoon, he arranged to come out that evening and change it. Small wonder that we hire from him every time now.

The carol service at Tockwith saw increased numbers after several years of falling attendances. The service has remained unchanged for a decade now and is so popular that the supply of hymn sheets ran out and had to be supplemented by the church's hymn books. The catering by the Tockwith Under 5’s Group again did us proud. Most of the food was home made and for a fiver you were allowed as much as you wanted.”

The year is almost at an end now so it just remained to organise a ride out Christmas Lunch. Despite a bitterly cold day 21 of us cycled out to the Castle Inn at Cawood. We were very well looked after by the hospitable landlady, Alex. She opened up early so we could get in out of the cold. We were all ready for a hearty lunch and we weren’t to be disappointed. Then it was back to York for most of us and the Fox & Roman for liqueur coffees to round off the day and an excellent year’s cycling.

I think that has just about covered the majority of the sections activities for 2005, it just remains to say a huge thank you to all who have organised these events, holidays and weekends away which we have all thoroughly enjoyed. It is appreciated.

So onwards and upwards!
Diaries at the ready.
What do we have in store for 2006?


2006 Audax events:
Please consult the Runs List for event dates.
There are a couple of omissions from last year’s programme. Keith will not be running the hilly September event and Ann has bowed out of organising the Easingwold 200k, however the 100 and 50k events will still run, organised by Gerry.
Coming up first this year is Gerry’s 100k on the 2nd April followed by the GHS (both start at Wigginton). Last year’s GHS attracted a record 38 riders. Keith hopes we can better it this year.
A new addition to the calendar and for one year only. Gerry will be celebrating his 50th birthday by organising a 50 mile event in August. Details to follow.

Walking Weekend:
18th & 19th Feb - Malhamdale. Contact Dave F.

Awards Evening:
Saturday 25th Feb. 7.30pm Beechwood Close Hotel. Ticket £8 from Keith.

Majorca Trip :
March – Cala Bona. See PG.

25th & 26th March. 9am from the Station on Saturday. Staying Whitby YHA. Contact Dave F.

14th to 17th April - Slaidburn YH. Contact Dave F.

23rd April from Wigginton.

May Day Bank Holiday w/e:
To be arranged. Possibly Langdon Beck or Alston YH

8th to 11th May Isle of Man. Ferry from Heysham. B&B. PG Mini Tours.

Whit Bank Holiday w/e:
27th to 30th May - Holderness & Spurn Point. Contact Andy Gibson, Leeds Section.

Normandy Tour:
11th to 18th June. FULLY BOOKED.

YORK RALLY 24th & 25th June

7th to 9th July. Staying at Once Brewed YH. Walking & cycling. Contact Dave F.

CTC Birthday Rides:
29th July to 5th August - Dumfries & Galloway
Looking to book a self-catering cottage for 6-8. Contact Sally

Semaine Federale:
30th July to 6th August. Based at Chateauroux, Loire. http://www.sf2006.org/

Gerry’s 50th Birthday Ride: 20th August

August Bank Holiday w/e:
26th & 27th August. Joint with Leeds Section to Kirkby Stephen. Contact Andy Gibson.

Lakeland Passes:
15th to 17th Sept. Staying at Patterdale (15th) & Wastwater (16th) YH’s. Contact Dave F.

MTB Week:
15th to 22nd Sept – Eskdale. See PG

Note: For weekends organised by Dave please contact him in the first instance so he has an idea of numbers, then book yourself into the appropriate hostel.

See you there!! Happy pedalling.



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