Route Starts on Instruction

Route Instructions

Ins. No.KM   Direction Signpost
10m  Depart Right from Village Hall (westerly direction)
2784m  TOCKWITH exit
32.0  X Road RightCattal
43.2  CATTAL Traffic Lights at narrow bridge over river NIDD
53.4  T Junction RightKirk Hammerton
65.3  Level Crossing
75.7  X Road with A59 Straight OverWhixley
87.0  WHIXLEY X Road Straight OverLittle Ouseburn
98.3  T Junction Left B6265Boroughbridge
1218.2  T Junction Right B6265<Not Signed>
1318.3  Bridge over river URE
1418.5  LANGTHORPE Roundabout Straight Over B6265 (1st exit)Ripon
1518.9  2nd Junction LeftLangthorpe
1622.3  SKELTON ON URE T Junction RightRipon
1726.0  T Junction Left B6265Ripon
1826.3  narrowing of Bridge over river URE
1926.6  enter RIPON
2027.6  Roundabout Straight Over B6265 (2nd exit)Pateley Bridge
2128.5  Roundabout Straight Over B6265 (2nd exit)Pateley Bridge
2228.8  Traffic Lights Right A6108 [High Skellgate]Market Place
2328.9  Traffic Lights Right A6108 [Westgate] and Immediate LeftThirsk
2429.2  Traffic Lights Straight Over A6108
2529.5  Traffic Lights at Clock Tower Left A6108Masham
2630.7  exit RIPON
2731.9  NORTH LEES
2834.8  NORTH STAINLEY there are public toilets on right towards the end of the village
2938.1  WEST TANFIELD Bridge over river URE
3038.3  Outside Lane Roundabout Straight Over (2nd Exit)Well
3140.4  X Road with B6267 Straight OverWell
3241.2  WELL
3346.6  Staggered X Road Right onto B6268 then LeftBedale then Crakehall
3447.7  X Road Straight Over<Not Signed>
3549.2  X Road Straight OverCrakehall
3649.6  T Junction Left A684<Not Signed>
3953.8  X Road RightRichmond
4059.4  SCOTTON
4160.8  Roundabout Straight Over A6136 (2nd Exit)Richmond
4261.9  Roundabout Straight Over A6136 (2nd Exit) CATTERICK GARRISONRichmond
4362.1  Traffic Lights Straight Over A6136
4462.6  Roundabout Straight Over A6136 (2nd Exit)Richmond
4665.4  RICHMOND
4765.9  Recommended Cafe Stop On Right at Seasons Restaurant and Cafe BarThe Station / Swimming Pool
4865.9  Leave Left from the Cafe, then Right back onto the main road
4965.9  NOTE: There are NO KNOWN refreshment stops between Richmond and Tan Hill
5066.5  Roundabout Right A6108 (3rd Exit) [Queens Road]Trading Estate
5166.8  Traffic Lights Left [Gallowgate] steep ascentPolice Station
5373.0  Staggered X Road LeftKirby Hill
5473.5  KIRBY HILL
5575.5  GAYLES
5677.1  DALTON T Junction RightNewsham
5777.2  100M Junction LeftNewsham
5879.1  NEWSHAM T Junction LeftBarningham
6084.8  SCARGILL
6186.9  T Junction LeftReeth
6291.6  Cattle Grid
6395.3  Cattle Grid
6496.3  T Junction Right (Arkengarthdale)Tan Hill
6596.9  Cattle Grid
66108.3  Cattle Grid
67108.4  Tan Hill
68108.4  Leave Right from Pub (westerly direction)
69108.5  Junction LeftKeld
71114.1  Steep hairpin Descent to Bridge and T Junction
72114.4  T Junction Left B6270Richmond
73115.1  KELD
74116.5  ANGRAM
75118.3  THWAITE
76118.6  Junction Right (ascent of Butter Tubs Pass)Hawes
77120.8  Cattle Grid
78122.5  Cattle Grid
79125.3  Cattle Grid
80126.2  HIGH SHAW
81127.5  T Junction LeftHawes
82127.7  Junction RightHawes
83129.0  HAWES T Junction Straight Over and Right (One Way System)Sedbergh
84129.5  Junction Left (Wensleydale Creamery) [Gayle Lane]Gayle
85130.0  GAYLEKettlewell
86132.6  start of main ascent of Fleet Moss
87134.4  top of main ascent of Fleet Moss
88137.9  Cattle Grid
90144.2  RAISGILL Cattle Grid
92148.3  BUCKDEN T Junction Right B6160Kettlewell
94154.0  KETTLEWELL immediately after Hump Back Bridge - Junction LeftConistone
95159.3  CONISTONE T Junction LeftGrassington
97164.1  X Road Straight Over B6265Pateley Bridge
98166.6  HEBDEN
99174.7  GREENHOW
102184.0   WILSILL 2nd Junction LeftSmelthouses
104185.8  BRAISTY WOOD
105191.7  T Junction Left B6165 BURNT YATESRipley
106193.6  BEDLAM
107195.9  Roundabout Right A61 (2nd Exit)Harrogate
108196.5  Roundabout Left B6165 (1st Exit)Knaresborough
109198.3  NIDD
110201.0  SCOTTON
112203.5  Traffic Lights Left A59York
113203.6  Traffic Lights Right A59York
114204.2  Traffic Lights Straight Over A59York
115204.9  Traffic Lights (use outside lane) Right B6164Wetherby
116205.6  Traffic Lights Over Narrow Bridge
117206.0  Outside Lane Roundabout Straight Over B6164 (2nd Exit)Other Routes
118206.1  Inside Lane Roundabout With A658 Straight Over B6164 (2nd Exit)Wetherby
120211.1  Junction LeftCowthorpe
121214.7  COWTHORPE
122218.8  TOCKWITH
123219.6  Finish at VILLAGE HALL on Left immediately after The Spotted Ox Inn