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Old railway bridge over River Wharfe to Thorpe Arch Trading Estate (23rd Sept 2018)

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Overview map uses Open StreetMap data...
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Newly surfaced bridge over the River Wharfe
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View from bridge (towards Tadcaster)

I noticed yesterday that on Open Street Map (OSM) and Google Earth that it appears that the old railway bridge over River Wharfe had been re-surfaced, While OSM showed a path (track) onto the bridge from Thorpe Arch Trading Estate.

Today while on the way back, from the club ride, I went over the bridge and have included 2 photos (1st shows the bridge and the 2nd one a view from the bridge). I also include an overview map of the route I took (Red - tarmac surfaced, Blue - ~300 metres off road)

The off road has been well used by the locals, which looks to be used mainly by mountain bikes. The first part was grass track, with the rest be well defined, and was firm under foot with a suprising climb up a banking onto a plato to the railway track itself.


Scarborough Bridge (upgrade - 19th Oct 2018))

Work starts week commencing 29th October 2018.

End of October 2018 - Site compound established in the bottom third of Marygate car park. The path that runs adjacent to car park will be closed for 5 months. Diversions will be put in place.

November 2018 to January 2019 - Preparatory works take place and construction of ramps and steps commences

End of January 2019 - Existing footbridge to close. Other paths (such as the riverside routes and Post Office Lane) will need temporary closures at certain times with heavy plant equipment working on the adjacent embankments. These are yet to be confirmed. Diversions will be put in place and signed

Mid-February 2019 - Existing footbridge lifted out and new bridge lifted in

Mid-March 2019 - New bridge open for public use

For furthur information use the following link: